Our partners, friends and supporters

On the long road from the initial idea to the implementation and beyond, companies and individuals have accompanied us and supported us financially.

Our largest partners are the “Ruhr Nachrichten”, who in addition to donations in kind, services and cash also provide the Executive Board with sponsored office premises, technical equipment and office material for their work.
The company “ColorOffset Wälter” has also become a continuous partner: The beautifully designed entrance signs, donations in kind for our tombola as well as printing services to support the Barbara House on a regular basis.
In our first year, we were able to landscape our garden due to a large financial contribution from “EVONIK”.
Since the very beginning the
YODESIGNS creative media production
helps us with the creation of our logo, the graphical design of our brochure and finally of our website.
The company “Dörken” donated the paint for the outside walls of Barbara Houses.
  The Rotary Club Dortmund-Hörde supported the Montessori training of one of our employees with a generous donation.
The bakery "Niemand" in Hagen regularly donates bread rolls for our events.
  The butcher "Eisenhuth" in Dortmund-Kirchhörde donates sausages for our events.
The Flower Shop “Christina Franke” in Dortmund-Kirchhörde donates flowers, so the children can decorate their environments regularly with fresh cut flowers.
The gastronomy Overkamp provides us with their ice cream cart for our “Ice cream social” at the beginning of each school year.
Goeke Company supported the work of the board by donating a multifunctional printer for the board´s office.

Thank You!

Of course we also thank all those private donors, who cannot all be mentioned here by name!

We welcome anyone who wants to become our friend and supporter. You can find out how you can help us in our donation guidelines.